Following the registration of the name Portishead Independents with the Electoral Commission, 
in preparation for the May 2nd 2019 local elections, ProDem Portishead has been disbanded. 
This has been done upon the advice of the Electoral Commission to avoid any possibility of confusing the Electorate. 
A group of Portishead Independent candidates committed to an open and transparent
way of working has now been established and they would welcome your support in the run up to the election. 

Please view Facebook @PortisheadIndependents for all information about the Portishead Independents campaign.

For email use

Text/whatsapp 07597 327963

Twitter: @PortisheadIndependents
The following social media sites and addresses will be archived on the first of June 2018
Facebook	@ProDemPortishead 
twitter       	@ProDemPortishead