Core Values and ways of working

Supporters, candidates and independent councillors supported by ProDem share five core values that underpin a commitment to a particular way of working:

  • Independence: We will each make up our own mind about every decision without reference to a shared dogma or ideology
  • Integrity: Decisions will be made in an open and understandable manner. Information will be made available even when we make mistakes and everyone will have the opportunity to influence decisions.
  • Positivity: We will look for solutions, involving others in the discussions, not just describe problems.
  • Creativity: Use new, or borrowed, ideas from within the group and the wider community to refresh what we do and how we do it.
  • Respect: Understand that everyone has an equal voice and is worth listening to. Accept that you win sometimes, you lose sometimes, it’s usually nothing personal and there really is no point in taking defeats to heart

                 These are our Ways of Working

                   Listen attentively – one person speaking at any time

                   Be open minded and prepared to change your mind

                   Question evidence, information, assumptions

                   Be honest and transparent – give reasons for decisions

                   Be inclusive and respectful of differences – avoid being personal

                   Be constructive, solution focussed and forward thinking

                   Be creative and use others’ skills/ideas to do stuff differently and better

                   Develop an ethos of our “Council acting as a facilitator for the community” as per the Frome model