But surely you can’t eliminate politics from the Town Council?

No – but we can reduce the influence of party politics. Politics is about the exercise of power – how decisions are reached. It involves consensus building and a commitment to conflict resolution. We don’t want Councillors to follow a party line without listening to residents and being open to all evidence.

ProDem wants to see better transparency within the Town Council. We want to see an openness about:

  • how decisions are reached;

  • how the views of Portishead residents are taken into account; and

  • the nature of the evidence upon which decisions are based.

Who are ProDem – and don’t your supporters belong to political parties?

A variety of individuals support ProDem. Some come from a party political background and are members of the political parties – some are not. One unites us is that we have all been inspired by the move towards independent councillors at Town Council level across the country – and we would like to see this in Portishead. Other Town Councils have led the way and shown what is possible.

Independent Councillors will not be members of a Political Party.

What unites ProDem supporters is a concern about making Portishead a better place to live. We don’t think this will happen unless local democracy is improved.

Come along to one of our meetings or events, and you will be able to meet our supporters, find out more about the variety of views that we hold and interests that we have.

How can councillors be independent if they are supported by ProDem?

ProDem does not take a view on issues. Rather, it focuses on how decisions are made . We will support an Independent councillor if he or she commits to our values and ways of working. Independent councillors supported by ProDem will not necessarily agree with each other on individual issues. But they will be united in their commitment to openness and transparency.